A1 Professional Pest Control offer a range of Canberra pest control solutions to eliminate ants around your home or business. Australia is home to over 1275 species of ants, but there is one main species that has become a pest, which is the black ant. Black ants are around 4mm long and have the ability to trace a smell or pheromone trail to find their way back home.

Ant colonies

An ant colony is made up of a queen and her workers. The queen produces eggs and controls the colony, while the workers bring food back to the nest to sustain her during the breeding and reproduction process. A queen is able to lay up to 300,000 eggs in only a couple of days, which is why having regular pest control is essential to remove ants around your home before they pose a major problem.

Where are nests generally found?

Ant nests are often located within close proximity to houses, as well as in lawns, under paving slabs and inside hollow trees.

How do ants access your home?

Because they are so small ants can crawl through tiny crevices or cracks in your foundation or even make their way through window seals or under doors. You can often find ants around the kitchen sink, in your kitchen cupboards or pantry or even on your kitchen floors, wherever they have access to a food source.

What do ants eat?

Ants eat a wide range of food sources such as desserts, sugar or sweets, meats, fats, oils and different bread varieties, amongst other things.

Pest control for ants

To effectively eradicate ants from your home or business our Canberra pest control technicians use a wide variety of environmentally friendly, safe products. We also apply a chemical barrier as a preventative measure around your home or business to help prevent ants accessing your property. It’s important to have regular pest control undertaken to stop ant infestations becoming a problem. By investing in our pest control services we will ensure that the colony and the queen are exterminated, to avoid future reproduction and infestations.

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