Did you know that there are more than 12,000 species of wasp found across Australia? This includes invasive European wasps which have spread quickly and extensively in the last 40 years or so. And while bees, especially those kept in a controlled hive environment, are often regarded as being a highly beneficial part of the eco-system, they can also become a serious problem when they decide to nest in a range of other places such as attics, crawl spaces, hollow walls or vents. In other words, invading the space used by humans for their daily lives.

Even before a nest has been created, any bee swarms should instantly be reported, in order for the situation to be controlled by skilled professionals. Wasp nests have been found to provide a home for up to 100,000 individuals, and are often found anywhere shelter can be provided. This might be on the ground itself, and in wall cavities, but also tree stumps or hanging under windowsills or awnings, among other locations.

How to deal with such infestations

The key is to use an experienced professional, like the members of our A1 Professional Pest Control team, here in Canberra, to first locate, then carefully inspect – and finally destroy – the nest. For example, a simple way to locate a wasp nest is to lay out food for them, then watch as they return it to the nest location, which can be up to half-a-kilometre distant.

These are a range of actions that require a high level of expertise, all conducted with complete professional caution, including the experience to understand the choice, and then use, of a range of possible pesticide solutions. Once the insects have been either safely trapped or exterminated, it’s also important to clean the immediate environment. For example, any beeswax or honey that is not removed from a Canberra property will act as a magnet to attract other insect pests. This simply exchanges one problem for another!

One thing you should never do is to try and tackle a bee or wasp nest yourself. Stings can be not just extremely painful, but even fatal, and these insects will defend their nests with utmost resolve. Also, the use of pesticides should only be an action for seasoned experts, who understand how they will work in different situations or locations, and can also assess any potentially harmful side effects of their use.

The simple action to take

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