While we often don’t think of birds as a pest, they can cause problems around your home or business if not effectively controlled. At A1 Professional Pest Control, we are experts in bird control and have an in-depth knowledge of where many varieties of bird species commonly live, breed and hide, as well as the right control measures to apply for each species. We are dedicated to providing humane Canberra pest control services and will manage all of your bird-related concerns.

Most common species of pest birds in Australia

While there are many species of birds living in Australia, the most common species to cause problems around homes or businesses around Canberra are pigeons, sparrows, starlings, blackbirds and Mynah birds.

Side effects of pest birds on your property

There are many different side effects that can be experienced from having pest birds on your property, which are identified below:

• Mating season can often cause dangerous or antisocial behaviour from many bird species, resulting in swooping.
• Flocks of birds on your property can wake you or interrupt your concentration while trying to go about your daily tasks.
• Your home or business premises can appear unsightly if regularly covered in bird droppings, not to mention the damage droppings cause over time to paintwork, etc.
• Bird faeces can often spread harmful diseases, like salmonella.
• Birds may spread lice, which leads to painful, itchy bites.
• Pecking often causes damage to surfaces, such as woodwork.

Individually customised service

Our Canberra pest control technicians offer individually customised residential and commercial bird control services. The bird control measures we use are both pet and environmentally friendly and will quickly and efficiently deal with all types of pest bird species. We have many years experience in bird control and will recommend the most suitable pest control measures for your requirements and property that will cause the least amount of disruption to your home or business.

Our team take pride in providing friendly, professional and humane bird control services and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers. If you’d like to find out more about our bird control services or discuss your Canberra pest control needs, contact A1 Professional Pest Control today. We are also happy to provide an obligation-free quote for our residential or commercial bird control services and will travel throughout Canberra and the surrounding areas.