Rats and mice! Even the thought of them scuttling around your property is enough to send some people into a state of high anxiety – unsurprisingly. This is apart from the damage they can cause, such as by chewing through electric wiring. They also quickly infest areas where food is stored or kitchens where it’s prepared, and they can lurk around skirting boards, basements, garages and elsewhere in any Canberra home or business property.

How to spot a rodent infestation

Apart from actually seeing them, or noticing marks where cables and other areas have been gnawed, you might spot mouse droppings, usually rod-shaped and about 5mm long. Mice are swift, great climbers and high jumpers, and can work their way through an opening of just 6mm. Other clues include food packages ripped open, a stale odour pervading any area from their urine, tracks, smears or even footprints in dust. Nests are built using old insulation or shredded-up materials.

Rats, on the other hand, are disease carriers and can transmit parasites. They can find a home in kitchens, under anything from concreted areas to your roof, outbuildings and sheds, and in areas where garbage is kept, as well as open fields and elsewhere. They are often more prevalent when seeking shelter during the winter months. Many of the signs mentioned for mice can apply to rats, as can damaged wood or plastic. You might also hear gnawing sounds, climbing or even fighting sounds; they also often leave smudges on walls where they have rubbed their oily fur. Rat burrows can be found in sheds, under decks and in gardens.

Both rats and mice have poor eyesight but a great sense of smell and taste. They also breed enthusiastically!

Get help from our experienced Canberra pest control team

For both rats and mice, the team at A1 Professional Pest Control Canberra can seek to prevent their use of any possible points of entry. This involves ensuring any crevices, openings, cracks, spaces near pipe entry points, and in the foundations, are utterly sealed. We can also check screens and pet doors.

In terms of removal, there are a range of chemical solutions using effectively placed bait stations. We can also use mechanical trapping and glue boards.

Our dedicated team can also provide valuable and proven advice in terms of preventing such infestations occurring or reoccurring.

How can we help you?

You may have rats or mice in or near your home that you need to be quickly and professionally dealt with. Alternatively, you might require a one-off or regular pest control inspection service to keep your Canberra home or property rodent free.

Our experienced, fully qualified and licenced, friendly A1 Professional Pest Control team, based here in Canberra, can be quickly reached by calling (02) 6278 5858. Alternatively, please complete our Contact Us box and we’ll be quickly in touch to answer any questions and provide the sound advice you need about what are often distress-causing situations.