If you have a spider infestation in your home or business or have a dangerous spider that needs to be removed, A1 Professional Pest Control can assist you. Our Canberra pest control technicians have years of experience in understanding spider behaviour, habitat and which species are poisonous or low risk.

There are many different species of poisonous spiders in Australia including the Mouse Spider, Black House Spider, Wolf Spider, Sydney Funnel Web Spider, Redback and White Tail Spider. All of these species can cause painful bites and if these inhabit your home or business, they need to be removed.

Mouse Spider

The Mouse Spider is between 15mm (male) and 20mm (female) in length and has a painful bite and toxic venom. It’s a ground-dwelling spider that can be often mistaken for a funnel web.

Black House Spider

This species of spider ranges in length from 9mm (male) to 18mm (female) and is often quite timid but has a painful bite that results in swelling and nausea. It can often be found in close proximity to window frames, as well as awnings and fences.

Wolf Spider

A non-aggressive species, the Wolf Spider can often be found on lawns and is a ground dweller. It’s between 20mm (male) to 35mm (female) in length and has intricate white markings on its back.

Funnel Web Spider

Aggressive and ranging from 10mm to 50mm in length, there are at least 40 different species of Funnel Web Spiders in Australia, including the Sydney Funnel Web Spider. Known as one of the world’s most deadliest spiders, the funnel web is a ground dweller that’s generally found in cool, moist environments such as shrubbery, under rocks and rotting logs and even in rough-barked trees.

Red Back Spider

The Redback Spider has been known to cause fatalities and can be recognised by the red marking on its back. Its size varies from 3mm (male) to 14mm (female) in length, and this species can often be found under rocks and logs, as well as in rubbish and houses.

White Tail Spider

This species of spider is between 12mm (male)and 20mm (female) in length and its bite can cause an ulceration of the skin to develop. The White Tail Spider is often found under rocks and bark and in gardens and homes.

If you have poisonous spiders in and around your home or business that are causing you concerns, contact our pest control specialists today at A1 Professional Pest Control Canberra!