For more than a quarter of a century, Termatrac has been ahead of the field in the delivery of termite pest control solutions. From its groundbreaking initial launch in 1999, right through to the latest designs, their termite detection radar products have offered superb opportunities to locate termite infestations, many of which are not noticeable to the human eye – even those of the most experienced of professional inspectors.

The most important benefit to you of such technological advances

The use of the three elements in this superb device helps obviate the immediate need for invasive and damaging actions to your property simply to discover whether an infestation is present. Otherwise, your home could be ripped to pieces simply in the hope of locating an infestation, especially as termites like to keep on the move!

Termatrac T3i: the brilliant hand-held tool we use – and the results it produces

Here’s how our highly qualified, fully licensed, and thoroughly dedicated A1 Professional Pest Control team based in Canberra carry out such non-invasive professional inspections. These locate both likely entry points and those areas of warmth and humidity which can indicate damaging termite attacks within your property.

– The remote thermal indicator and laser beam check the differential in temperature readings which can indicate likely termite entry points.

– The moisture meter measures the moisture content to find any areas subject to the surplus dampness that suggests possible locations where termites might be swiftly creating and rapidly expanding their colonies.

– The termite detection radar can then check possible movement to accurately verify the location of any subsurface termite infestation.

By using Bluetooth technology, we can quickly integrate this information into a single inspection record.

A further step in termite infestation recognition for Canberra properties

We have now added an extra dimension to this already comprehensive inspection process, through the use of superb thermal imaging technology. This helps to locate possible infestation that could otherwise still escape detection. To find out much more about this area, please click here.

How can we help you?

With immediately invasive and damaging termite inspections now a thing of the past, it makes sense to have your Canberra property regularly inspected for the possibility of termite infestations. Consider such an infestation like any disease: early diagnosis allows for swift treatment before a major problem evolves.

Take that vital first step now. Either call our A1 Professional Pest Control team here in Canberra on (02) 6278 5858 or complete the Contact Us box and we’ll quickly be in touch