With more than 350 different species of termites active in properties across Australia, they can cause serious damage. The cost reaches over three quarters of a billion dollars across almost 200,000 homes each year, and as many home insurance policies don’t cover this, it’s clear that any possible detection methods should be fully used for pest control in your Canberra property.

Although the thermal imaging technology is not new, it is a fairly recent introduction in the pest control battle, both here in Canberra and across Australia. In the hands of one of our experienced A1 Professional Pest Control experts, it can greatly assist with finding the location of termites which may have escaped detection in the past. Of course, it isn’t a cure-all on its own – our team also carry out the vital visual inspection, which is full and detailed.

How does thermal imaging work?

In professional hands, the thermal imaging camera can offer a screen display of any infra red radiation that is being emitted from the top of the target surface, to an accuracy of 1000th of an inch! Your team know exactly how a thermal image should normally appear, and can quickly identify any troubling anomalies when comparing the image from your home to the norm. A complete home survey can take several hours of detailed specialist work.

When is a thermal imaging inspection particularly valuable?

Often, a visual inspection will highlight a termite infestation. But, on other occasions, such worrying problems are not completely visible to the naked eye. This is where a careful and professional thermal imaging inspection can clearly locate and identify the infestation – or even provide welcome peace-of-mind that no such problem currently exists in your property.

How can we help you?

Using the proven technology provided by FLUKE Thermal Imaging equipment, our experienced inspection team can visit your property at a time to suit you and carry out a complete termite infestation inspection. We can then discuss with you what action needs to be taken, how effective barriers can be provided, and much more.

To take that vital first step, simply call our friendly and helpful A1 Professional Pest Control team here in Canberra on (02) 6278 5858. Alternatively, just complete our on-screen Contact Box and we’ll quickly be in touch. With the terrible damage these infuriating critters can cause, it’s always better to take action now!